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Simply Distributed Objects.No more network libraries. No more RPCs.

With APlay you can turn any OO program into client-server & even implement a server cloud.
Instead of docking to a network library, simply use your objects across a cloud of servers and clients.
No APIs. Next generation network communication.

Free - no registration required

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Unity Multiplayer with a few clicks

Instantly multiplayer-enable your Unity game without writing code using a free APlay component. Acquire MMO level networking for your game using regular OO programming - powered by APlay in Unity and all major gaming platforms & languages. If you want to, APlay tools will even deploy a simple hosted APlay Zero Server for your application.

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Cooperative Web made easy

Integrate the browser with APlay's Javascript target. There is no need to call webservices or parse XML/JSON data when working with generated APlay objects. Call server methods as if they were local and receive callbacks everytime data changes. Create an interconnected model for web pages and servers and thus let the server access data on the page. If no server logic is needed, APlay Zero Server can be used which requires no implementation.

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Multiplayer support for existing games

There are different ways to integrate APlay into an existing game. The least invasive way is to create an APlay object model of all objects to be distributed. Couple the generated code with your existing objects and immediatelly achieve distribution - this usually cuts down implementation time from month to days. Activator, the company behind APlay, also provides consulting services to accelerate efforts. If no additional server logic is needed, the implementation-free APlay Zero Server can be used.

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Develop distributed applications

APlay allows to move client logic to a server without adding complexity in code - this makes distributed development as easy as local development. The model in APlay Studio is used as a blueprint to generate application domain specific objects in selected target languages. The generation approach cuts down implementation time and in conjuction with APlay's persistence module allows distributed access to a database.

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Help from the Experts

APlay developers are not alone, we offer support for all project phases. Contact us to talk about what options there are to start with APlay or how to receive email or IM support - or how to get an APlay expert on-site.

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"When they promised to add a multiplayer sample to our game in a week I was sure it was impossible. When they succeeded the result exceeded my keenest expectations."

"The APlay concept convinced us from the start. In the meantime it is a core component in all of our online games. We can focus on the actual game development and leave the remainder up to APlay."

"The ability to add new target platforms in a matter of days from scratch is of great strategical value and established APlay as the technical core piece of all our online projects."

— Karsten Wysk
CEO, MobileBits
— Michael Paeck
Managing Director, Cliffhanger Productions
— Tobias Sicheritz
Technical Director, Mipumi Games

Powerful simplicity and ease-of-use makes APlay remarkable.
You'll actually enjoy using it.

Free - no registration required