Instantly multiplayer-enable your Unity game without writing code using a free APlay component. Acquire MMO level networking for your game using regular OO programming - powered by APlay in Unity and all major gaming platforms & languages. If you want to, APlay tools will even deploy a simple hosted APlay Zero Server for your application.

Unity is great for developing stunning games and allows to re-use a lot of existing components. Multiplayer games can be built with different network libraries that are more or less tightly integrated to Unity. APlay offers a deep integration that starts right in Unity editor. This allows to APlay-enable a Unity game with a few mouseclicks and gain access to all APlay features like cloud deployment and round-based event distribution.

Case study: Unity examples

The easy-of-use of APlay's Unity integration can be shown on the examples packaged with Unity. After installing the APlay extension (contact us for details), the next steps include to select the objects to distribute between players. An object model is auto-generated and APlay hooks reversibly into Unity code to connect both models.

If the game does not require any server logic, APlay Zero Server can be used to instantly get a working client-server solution. Otherwise, APlay generated server stubs can be used to develop a server in a supported server target language. All objects selected in Unity editor are present in the target language and can be accessed and manipulated.